Mali Lošinj

One of leading destinations of Croatia, island Lošinj is champion in innovative and value-added tourism development.

Tourism appeared in island Lošinj in late 19th century, attracting Austrian nobility for winter recovery and relaxation in mild mediterranean climate. Since 1892 Mali Lošinj is recognized as “Kurort” (i.e. healing town), being one of first official tourist destinations in Croatia.  Currently known as “LOŠINJ – ISLAND OF VITALITY”, island Lošinj is developing specific products, particularly in segments of Health and Luxury, but also in Culture and Outdoor, moving rapidly from generic towards specific, more sustainable and niche markets.

Diving has always been popular and archipelago of Lošinj provides numerous attractive diving locations, attracting divers from all over Europe for decades. In 1996 one of those diving enthusiasts has accidently discovered what turned out to be the most exciting archeological discovery of the century – perfectly preserved ancient bronze statue of an athlete, known as Croatian Apoxyomenos. The statue has been restored and as of 2016 is permanently displayed in Museum of Apoxyomenos 

Positioned on the “Silk route”, on the sailing route of trade ships travelling between Venice and Middle East, archipelago of Lošinj has numerous remains of shipwrecks and possibly more of undiscovered archeological locations.  Natural attractions, such as caves, ruptures and reefs are also popular among divers, especially the naturally lightened series of caves known as “Cathedral”.

In Čikat bay there is an “underwater archeological park” with 11 historical exhibits displayed on depth of 5 to 15m , available to licensed divers as well as to diving enthusiasts, accompanied by licensed instructor.

With crystal clear sea, numerous natural and historical attractions underwater available through 10 months diving season, archipelago of Lošinj is an challenging diving destination, both for experienced licensed divers as for the diving beginners.