University of Primorska

University of Primorska is the third biggest public university in Slovenia, established in 2003 as a centre of knowledge implementing European educational strategies. The main objectives are to carry out high quality study and research programmes, which promote their natural and cultural heritage while integrating and developing them with the educational, intellectual and research potential opportunities of the rest of the world. UP is structured from six faculties and two research centres. UP strives for good cooperation with the local communities and promotion of knowledge, and in this way accepts its share of responsibility for the development of the wider community.

Research activities of the Institute for Archeology and Heritage (Faculty of Humanities) are based on scientific and applied projects at the national and international level. The institute has implemented projects in the field of culture, promotion and protection of cultural heritage. Its work is dedicated to the promotion and raising of the awareness of the significance of heritage as a factor of identity in order to achieve the most effective, active and sustainable preservation of heritage. It has cooperated in preventive archaeology projects which still represent one of the main focuses of institute’s operations and are successfully offered in a variety of sectors as a service. The Institute is dedicated to implementing its research goals by addressing the entire field of humanities in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, history, art history, architecture, cultural studies, museology, conservation, archival science and tourism. The institute’s research goals are related to the territory of the Mediterranean region and the Balkans. It is also a member of the UNESCO Unitwin network in the field of underwater archaeology. The institute is recognized for its scientific achievements such as publications in national and international scientific journals, lectures at international congresses and organization of international scientific and expert meetings.